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Episode 20 – MNFTC At The State Fair

Episode 20 – MNFTC At The State Fair


Episode 18 – Healthcare Annex

Episode 18 – Healthcare Annex

New Interim Director Kaela Berg discusses the passage of Fast Track through the legislature and what’s next in the fight over trade. Deborah Gleeson of La Trobe University analyzes the latest leaks in the TPP’s Healthcare annex.

Episode 17 – Fast Track Introduced

Episode 17 – Fast Track Introduced

Stephen Spaulding of Common Cause explains what’s in the Fast Track bill that’s been introduced in Congress, where it’s going from here, and how you can tell your representatives what you think about it.

Episode 16 – Ramon Vera

Episode 16 – Ramon Vera

Ramon Vera of GRAIN describes how free trade agreements have contributed to the spread of processed food, obesity, and diabetes in the Global South.

Episode 15: Fast Track and Ron Wyden

Episode 15: Fast Track and Ron Wyden

David Delk from the Alliance for Democracy tells us about the campaign to pressure former Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden on Fast Track.

Episode 14: GMO Foods

Episode 14: GMO Foods

Kirsten Saylor of Right to Know MN tells us about the campaign to get GMO foods labeled in Minnesota, and Mute Schimpf of Friends of the Earth Europe tells us how the pending US-EU trade deal could threaten the power of local and national governments to make just such regulations.

Episode 13 State of the Union

Episode 13 State of the Union

Josh talks Obama’s State of the Union, and Manuel Perez Rocha explains what’s at stake with Investor State Dispute Settlement.

Episode 12: Chinese Chickens

Episode 12: Chinese Chickens

Tony Corbo describes the intrigue surrounding the Chinese chicken export-import trade. Then Jim Harkness gives a big picture view of US-China trade relations.

Episode 11

Gimena Sanchez talks about the Colombia FTA and labor rights violations.

Episode 10

Judit Ruis Sanjuan from the Doctors Without Borders Access Campaign talks about how the latest leaks in the Trans Pacific Partnership trade talks could impact the price of medicine in developing countries. Then, Bill Waren of Friends of the Earth talks about the threat to environmental regulations in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.